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  • NFC keychain
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NFC Tags enhance your physical spaces

Use NFC tags to automate your everyday tasks

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What are people saying ...

“My tags has arrived and they work like a charm :) Thank you for the excellent support I've received in this matter. I will definitely use tagsfordroid the next time I need some tags.” - Jonas (August, 2012)
“...I was really impressed with the level of service you provided...” - Guy (July, 2012)
“...I'm liking your company's customer service, and look forward to using the tags...” - Miguel (July, 2012)
    “Thanks for the quick research on this. Good news: The tags arrived today! I can't wait to play with them.” - Devan (September, 2012)
    “Thanks for the quick response :-)” - Varun (September, 2012)
    “I've left very positive feedback for your company on Amazon, and will be recommending Tags For Droid to everyone that I know who's interested in NFC technology. Thank you again for your excellent service and products.” - Michael (September, 2012)