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NFC makes it easy to automate tasks on your mobile phone. No more fumbling through multiple menus to do routine things like enabling or turning off Bluetooth...

  • At Home

    With one touch, an NFC tag can turn down the volume, disable vibrate mode, set the brightness, deactivate Bluetooth, set the alarm and enable the desktop clock... all automatically!

    Touch an NFC tag again in the morning and like a switch, everything is enabled again.

    Want to disable WiFi to save battery when you leave home? Put a tag near your front door.

    NFC alarm clock
  • NFC developer

    At Work

    Use tags to share contact information with your clients. Touch an NFC tag at your desk to put your phone in silent mode.

    Own a coffee shop? Use NFC tags to automatically share WiFi settings with your customers.

  • On the Go

    In your car, touch an NFC tag to enable Bluetooth,, disable WiFi, set brightness to max, and set screen timeout to 5 minutes.

    When you get out of your car, touch an NFC tag to set brightness to auto and set screen timeout to 30 seconds.

    NFC car gps
  • waterproof NFC tags


    Our tags are waterproof so you can put them just about anywhere.

    Use them in the bathroom to turn on your SmartThings enabled water heater. Place them outside at an event so attendees can automatically post to Facebook and Twitter.

  • Just Enjoy Life

    Use NFC tags to simplify and enjoy your life.

    No more wasting time changing the settings on your phone.

    NFC boobs

How to use NFC tags ...

  1. Enable NFC on your phone
  2. Go to the app store
  3. Install an NFC App from the app store
  4. Format the tag
  5. Create actions with the NFC app
  6. Write actions to your tag
  7. Touch phone to tag... actions happen
  8. Enjoy your phone :)