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NFC in General:

What are NFC Tags?

NFC Tags are little plastic discs that can be placed around you which you can use to make your smartphone do special and very useful "tricks".

What is an NFC Tag used for?

NFC allows a smartphone to interact with the world around you. It allows you to store information or instructions on the tag so that the phone reacts in a specific way when it touches it. The possibilities are endless, but a few examples would be:

Execute Tasks - touching an NFC compliant phone to a tag can execute a task on the phone, e.g. Launch an app, Google Latitude or foursquare checkin, etc.

Share Information - tags can be used to share vCards, WiFi network setup, URLs, etc

What is NFC/RFID (geek explanation)?

NFC (Near Field Communications) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) are wireless technologies that facilitate data transmission between two devices. RFID devices are commonplace in everyday objects such as tags, keychains, bus/subway passes, automatic toll readers (EZ Pass, SunPass, EZ Tag, Fastrak, K-Tag, etc), keycards (access secure areas), credit cards (PayPass), casino chips and even your pet (microchip implants).

NFC is a standardized form of RFID that is limited to operating at short distances of no more than 20cm (~8”) You can read all about it at wikipedia's NFC page and at wikipedia's Mifare page.

Questions about tags:

How much memory do tags have?

NTAG203 tags have 144bytes, though the usable memory after formatting is 137 bytes. You can still use these tags to execute complicated tasks, however you must use an App that stores the tasks locally in the phone, not on the actual tag.

NO LONGER ON SALEMIFARE 1K tags have 1024bytes (1KB), though the usable memory after formatting is 768 bytes. These tags have more memory than most tags on the market allowing you to execute more complicated tasks.

Are batteries needed?

No, NFC tags don't need batteries. Without getting into the technical details, just assume tags are like CD/DVD discs. You can write to and read from them without batteries.

How far away can the phone be from the tag to use/read it?

Normally, our tags need to be less than 2cm (approx 3/4 of an inch) from the phone to work. For best results, actually touch the tag with the phone.

If I want to use these tags in a public space, can a stranger modify them?

If you plan on using them in a public space we recommend you to lock them, that is, make them read only. Our tags can be made read only, but the specifics of how you do it depend on the app you are using. NOTE: setting the tag to read-only (locked) is permanent, nobody can change that tag after that, not even you.

Will your 1k NFC Tags work with my Samsung Galaxy S3? ...Sony Xperia? ... HTC One X? ...Nexus S? ...Nexus 7? ...Galaxy Nexus?

UPDATE: THESE TAGS ARE NO LONGER ON SALE There are too many new phones that do not support Mifare Classic tags. We recommend that you DO NOT get Mifare Classic tags. The 1k memory sounds good in theory, but is useless since so many phones cannot read them

Will your NTAG203 Tags work with my Galaxy S4, S5, Nexus 4, 5, 7, HTC One, Droid, Oppo, OnePlus, etc Phone or my Nexus 10, Galaxy, etc Tablet?


Do your Tags work with non-Android devices?

YES, THEY WILL WORK ON ALL NFC CAPABLE DEVICES. You might need to format them NDEF before they are readable by your device. Check your device specifications. Contact your manufacturer to be sure.

My tag doesn't work?

Tags must be formatted before writing data to them. NXP TagInfo will tell you if the tag is formatted. NXP TagWriter, Trigger and most other apps can format tags.

Tags cannot be affixed to metal surfaces. If you stick them to metal, tag behavior will either be erratic or not work at all.

Questions about shipping:

How much is shipping?

US orders over $5.99 ship FREE :)

Do you ship international?

Yes! We offer international economy shipping... $6.97 for the first item, $0.99 each additional item.

Please note, customer is responsible for all customs duties, VAT and other taxes that may be due prior to receiving an international shipment

When will i receive my shipment?

Most orders ship in 1 - 2 business days. Any processing delays will be noted on our home page. We ship via USPS.

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Other questions:

My Galaxy S3 doesn't recognize the tags?

Make sure you have formatted the tags. Make sure you are using an NFC capable battery (aftermarket batteries may not include the NFC antenna).

Can you recommend NFC software from reading/writing Tags?

Please see our links page.

Can I order larger quantities, custom printing, etc.?

Yes, please contact us and we will send you pricing information and lead times.